SolarBoost Technology Empowers Solar Panels

What is SolarBoost?

SolarBoost is a modular 2.7kWh to 8kWh plug-and-play, centrally controlled power management and energy storage that costs less than current grid scale batteries.

Installed under each solar panel using existing infrastructure, SolarBoost can be immediately installed without further approvals.

SolarBoost Modular Energy Storage Unit

How is SolarBoost Different?

* Solar farms use 1 inverter for multiple strings of 24+ solar panels wired in series, but the inverter can only convert power at the rate of the lowest producing panel.

* Excess electricity is sent back to the lowest performing solar panel and wasted as heat which is a major source of panel degradation and reduction in lifetime.

* SolarBoost is wired in parallel with each panel and solves this by drawing excess power to be stored in the battery.


Increased Power

Increase energy production by up to 15%. SolarBoost stores power for sale at peak price times that would otherwise be wasted as heat in low output panels. This increases the lifespan of the solar panels by up to 8 years.

Solar farm with SolarBoost
SolarBoost Effortless Integration

Effortless Integration

Retrofit SolarBoost easily with no need for extra approvals or infrastructure. Instant charging and energy storage as soon as a string is installed. Swap-and-go maintenance allows for quick and easy upkeep.


Real-time Monitoring

Utilise the mesh networked controller for live tracking of each solar panel’s performance. Undertake preventative maintenance on panels while SolarBoost maintenance is made simple with swap-and-go modules.

SolarBoost Real-time Monitoring
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