Empowering Solar Solutions

Our Story

Integrating Solar Power and Energy Storage

GridStore Energy revolutionises solar energy efficiency with the innovative SolarBoost energy storage technology.

In 2023 our team of multi-award winning engineers were building a controller for a solar concentrator when we realised that for a small additional cost we could expand the battery pack of the controller and provide cost effective, grid-scale storage under solar panels. With this insight GridStore was born.
As we started to plan the design of SolarBoost we also realised that Kirchoff’s Current Law would provide an unexpected benefit – that we could save the energy currently being wasted as heat in lower performing panels.
Hundreds of hours of modelling, testing and redesign has resulted in SolarBoost – the only battery in the world that can increase both the power output and financial return on your solar panels.

Our Approach

Innovative SolarBoost Solution for Renewable Energy

Efficiency First

We prioritize maximizing solar panel efficiency, ensuring every panel performs optimally with SolarBoost technology.

Modular Battery

SolarBoost batteries is a modular and plug-and-play installed at panel level allowing faster installation and higher redundancy.

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