Revolutionise Solar Energy with SolarBoost

About us

Innovating Solar Energy

GridStore Energy is dedicated to enhancing solar panel performance and maximising energy storage with our pioneering SolarBoost technology.

Solar farm could use SolarBoost
current status of solar power

The Problem and Solution


Negative Prices

Worldwide, negative prices around midday have made solar farms uneconomic.


Power Imbalances

In addition, solar panel power imbalances cost solar farms up to 15% of their power output resulting in up to 30% less profit.


Integrated Solution

SolarBoost is the only product
in the world that solves both problems simultaneously for less than the cost of an equivalent battery.

Why Choose Us

Our Unique Value Proposition

GridStore Energy offers unparalleled benefits with our SolarBoost technology, setting us apart in the solar energy industry.

Increased Power and Profits

Increase solar panel output by up to 15% and profits up to 30%.

No Additional Approvals or Infrastructure

SolarBoost sits behind the meter so you don’t need additional approvals before installing. SolarBoost can be fitted to new or existing solar farms without requiring any additional infrastructure or site works.

Increased Panel Lifespan

By eliminating the wasting of excess power to underperforming solar panels SolarBoost increases panel lifespan by up to 8 years. Our monitoring of individual panel performance ensures that strings of solar panels will not be replaced due to one low performing panel.

Join the Solar Revolution

Switch to SolarBoost and Embrace Modular
Energy Storage with More Power

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