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  1. Financial Performance: In an industry where 1-2% improvements in performance are described as “game changing”, SolarBoost delivers up to 15% more power from solar panels. By storing this “lost” power and reselling it at times of peak demand we can increase the net profit of a solar farm by up to 30%.
    Compare this with Netracker, a solar panel tracking system, which offers up to 6% improvement in power production and is currently valued at $8.7bn.
  2. Protected Monopoly: We have lodged a patent to protect the power optimisation function of our SolarBoost battery meaning no one else can use a battery to achieve the extra 15% power from solar panels.
    The strength of our design is that we use an essential component of renewable energy generation, a battery, and apply it to gain a performance advantage for no extra cost – no one else can copy this or match the economics of our solution.
  3. Experienced Team: We have an incredibly passionate and dedicated team of multi-award engineers working with our vastly experienced management team and advisory board. We are never satisfied with where we are and are continually looking for the people who can help us define and achieve our future.
  4. Huge Market Opportunity: In 2023, the International Energy Agency estimated the world needed around 950GW of energy storage worth $1.76 trillion in the next 7 years just to be on track for Paris 2050. That’s a 3500% increase over the total global amount of energy storage at the end of 2022.

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